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The boho style is from 2004-year formal birth-the most copied, most imitated and, simultaneously, the most difficult to replicate. It would be imprecise him within strict guidelines, for the boho is a kind of flair that runs the look. Nor would it be fair to point out which clothes itself and what clothes do not contain that spirit, because the patterns could be discarded a priori prints decorated with appropriate and suddenly become very boho.
Associated with Siena Miller actresses and models like Kate Moss.
  How do you define it then? It’s like a cocktail that mixes abundant echoes hippies and bohemians, with an ethnic touch to the arabesque-Navajo-and a country feel. Mix these elements on a vintage and sprinkle a little relaxed spirit, long handle bag ( Mochila Wayuu) slung over his shoulder … et voilà, here is the perfect boho look.
I hope you like my  boho chic style


  1. una vez más ideal, me encanta los tonos khaki y el bolso rompe ! 😀 DE 10!

  2. Muchas gracias, Antonio :9

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